Alchemy Enigma

Raison  De’tre (For the existence)

Gracious and subtle lies ‘it’ there,
Soothingly Vast, You “Fear no Fear.”
Stillness beholds, where the world goes Numb.
At this very moment of “Rain and Storm.”
Living alone on Pangs and Toils,
‘Madeline’ yet, in thoughts of the Soil.
Fanning and Fancying around serendipity,
You hope so high to last over Perpetuity.
Yes! You are the “Raison De’tre,”
For you make magic Fair and Square.
Brooding the times that seems Mundane,
Sure I know your efforts never go in vain.
So, like a ‘Rose Garden Over the Horizon;’
You are the perfect Epitome,
Of ‘His’ sanguine Creation.

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